Our Mission:

To be acknowledged as a Seafarer Recruitment & Placement Service with the expertise to consistently facilitate an optimum result for our clients and seafarers.

Our willingness to demonstrate our goals by being third-party certified enhances our mission. As such, we adhere to the international standards for quality ISO 9001:2015; Work Health and Safety ISO 45001:2018 and Environmental Management ISO 14001:2015. Our system is open and transparent and is subject to an independent unbiased audit by a recognised third party.

Our Vision:

  • To provide a valuable service that significantly contributes to the business success of a company or individual.
  • To always conduct ourselves to reflect our passion and commitment to delivering a positive outcome for all parties involved.
  • To ensure that all our team members are committed to our Mission Statement and share similar values and high standards.
  • To continually learn and grow personally and professionally to assist our staff and seafarers in reaching their career goals.
  • To constantly review and improve all aspects of our company.
  • To keep acquiring relevant information and expanding our knowledge and expertise to be true consultants and trusted advisers.
  • To create lasting relationships with our clients and seafarers based on honesty, integrity, trust and mutual respect.
  • To be innovative and creative and add value to the recruitment process at every opportunity to further enhance the outcome.
  • To appreciate the responsibility that we assume in assisting people in making essential recruitment decisions that can significantly impact their lives.
  • To undertake our roles with a sense of dignity, optimism, pride and gratitude.
  • To take time out to celebrate our successes and those of others.
  • To always remember to thank our clients and our seafarers for the privilege of assisting them.