Drug and Alcohol Policy

Alpha Pacific Navigation Pte Ltd, based in Fiji, provides Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Services since our establishment in 1992. The business arranges Pacific Island seafarers to work as crewmembers of international commercial ships.

Leadership is committed to abiding by the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW), 1978 requirements for its seafarers to be fit for work and be subject to drug and alcohol testing.

The use or possession of illegal or un-prescribed drugs by its land-based workers and seafarers on any offshore or onshore operations is strictly prohibited.

All staff and contractors must submit to a random drug and alcohol test if required or in the event of an incident.

All seafarers will be subject to onboarding medicals and ongoing fitness for work medical examinations, including drug and alcohol testing. The use of alcohol or drugs in the workplace can lead to suspension of employment. The Company does not accept any illicit use of drugs in the workplace under any circumstances and does not accept recreational drug use outside working hours.

In the interests of all employees’ health and safety, anyone suspected to be under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs for any reason other than legally prescribed drugs for medicinal purposes will not be permitted to remain in the workplace. It is an offence for a seafarer to be impaired by drink or drugs whilst on board a ship.

It is highly recommended that workers advise management if they have prescribed medication which can impact and erode their ability to carry out work. Some medical issues, including prescription drugs, must be disclosed under our privacy conditions, and the information will be strictly controlled.

If a prescribed drug impairs judgment during work at sea or landside, the worker is responsible for informing leadership or the ship’s management of the issues before work commences. If an employee is required to postpone work at any time in accordance with this policy, then the employee must undergo a medical examination.

Alpha Pacific Navigation Pte Ltd recognises that drug and alcohol dependency is a treatable condition that can also impact mental health and well-being.

Leadership encourages employees with those problems to seek assistance and communicate dependency issues. All employees who voluntarily seek treatment will be given an opportunity to achieve rehabilitation.

This policy will be communicated to our employees and seafarers and our interested parties, and be publicly available.

Captain John Hensford
Managing Director