Fatigue Management Policy

Alpha Pacific Navigation Pte Ltd, based in Fiji, provides Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Services since our establishment in 1992. The business arranges Pacific Island seafarers to work as crewmembers of international commercial ships.

Leadership is committed to following its legal obligations and codes of practice regarding fatigue management.

Leadership is committed to eliminating fatigue-related injuries and death because of excessive hours worked by any Alpha Pacific Navigation Pte Ltd employee. Employees must report any potential fatigue issue immediately to management. Any fatigue-related incident must be reported, investigated, and corrective actions put in place.

Any employee who potentially works more than 12 hours per shift must seek approval to work any additional time.

Any work or travel for the business which may lead to sleep deprivation shall be controlled. The Company aims to reduce the risk of fatigue-related injury or illness.

If a journey by road or other transport method requires more than two hours’ travel from home, it is advised that overnight accommodation be provided the day before work commences. Management commits to providing rest breaks and mealtimes for staff and contractors.

Staff or contractors are obliged to declare if they are impacted by any additional work or second job that may affect and impede their performance and lead to sleep deprivation.

Management commits to a process of consultation with workers and its seafarers regarding fatigue issues and raises fatigue as an issue that can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Fatigue of seafarers will be managed and controlled during recruitment, and in the training and induction processes. The engagement of seafarers on board ships will then be subject to the work practices and policies of the ship. These include the Fitness for Duty requirements of the Seafarers’ Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW Code) and the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC, 2006).. Watch schedules shall be posted, and work records shall be kept for control and monitoring of fatigue.

Seafarers must report any potential fatigue issue immediately to the ship’s management. The likely fatigue or sleep deprivation risk will be assessed at all stages of the voyage. Shore leave, where possible, will be granted to ensure the mental wellbeing and health of seafarers. Seafarers will have a medical finess examination annually.

This policy will be communicated to our employees and seafarers, and our interested parties, and be publicly available.

Captain John Hensford
Managing Director