Safety Policy

Alpha Pacific Navigation Pte Ltd, based in Fiji, provides Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Services since its establishment in 1992. The business arranges Pacific Island seafarers to work as crewmembers of international commercial ships.

Leadership is committed to its moral and legal responsibility and obligations to provide a safe and healthy work environment for its direct workers, seafarers, clients, customers, and visitors.  This commitment extends to ensuring that our workers are informed of our safety management requirements. In addition, our seafarers are thoroughly inducted into our safety management system requirements and those of our client shipping companies.  Leadership has a no-blame reporting practice and policy, and all workers and seafarers are encouraged to report incidents and issues even when working under the ships’ safety systems.  Our seafarers will undergo medical checks and ongoing health surveillance as part of our obligations as a manning agent.  Our employment contract conditions are based on what is fair and reasonable. 

Leadership is committed to complying with our legal and other requirements, maritime requirements and safety codes of practice, and working conditions and workplace agreements.

Alpha Pacific Navigation Pte Ltd has an OHS management system that meets the requirements of ISO 45001:2018.

Leadership is also committed to eliminating hazards and reducing its OHS risks by ensuring that adequate controls are in place.  

Leadership is actively pursuing prevention and, where possible, eliminating work-related injuries and ill health by our safe work practices and risk-based thinking.  This will also be achieved by using and promoting a robust risk management process designed to encourage workers to identify risk and opportunities in the workplace.  

This policy is designed to establish a framework for our OHS objectives in harmony with the strategic direction of the business. 

Leadership is committed to the process of worker and stakeholder consultation and actively encourages participation in pursuit of continual improvement of the OHS management system processes and activities.

Leadership provides OHS management system awareness and training for all workers based on role and function. 

Leadership expects that its workers, including its outsourced suppliers and contractors and all interested parties, will report all work-related incidents immediately. These incidents are to be investigated to identify and eliminate root cause. 

Leadership is committed to the continual improvement of the Workplace Health and Safety management system.

This policy will be communicated to our employees and seafarers and our interested parties, and be publicly available.


Captain John Hensford 

Managing Director